Meet Frock Couture, your new best friend. Each fashion-forward Frock Couture marries old-world modesty with modern sass. The fourteen Frock Couture styles are glamorous, super comfortable, wonderfully soft, and très féminin. Frock Couture comes with a tufted hanger and a matching headband, making it the perfect gift to buy yourself, your best friend, or any woman that loves the very latest. You can wear it for just about anything.

For primping. Wear it as you blow-dry your hair, put-on your makeup, wash up at night, or when you're getting ready to go out on the town!

For lounging. Look good and feel good in Frock Couture, that's first and foremost comfortable. Hang all day in the softest housecoat you've ever felt

For everywhere. Wear it at home or at your the spa, on vacation, or when you travel for work. Hang it. Pack it. Wear it. Love it!

For every woman. Frock Couture is for the chic 20's girl, the sexy single woman, the married mom, the married lady, the traveling businesswoman, the fashionable hipster, the trendy grandma, and the sophisticated teen. It's for the woman who wants to wear a classic, but wear it her way. For the woman who wants glitz, glamour, and style all at home. For the woman who knows a good label when she sees it. And for, well, every woman you know and love. Including you!